Welcome to Greek traiterie Mitsos!

Closed for holidays from Saturday July 29 untill Tuesday September 5 2017. As of Wednesday September 6 you are most welcome again.

Welcome to our ‘gezellige‘ traiterie at Tweede Hugo de Grootstraat 25. We have an extensive assortment of Greek delicacies and products.

We import many of these products ourselves and call them “van Kreta”. Products like olive-oil, olives, cheeses and wines are bought directly from the producers on Crete. Delicious lemonades, preserved fruits and jams, made of ripe fruits from the region Chania on Western-Crete. The application “van Kreta” guarantees products chosen with love and care.

All dishes in our 6 meter long delicase are home cooked. Come and have a look in the kitchen. Most of the time fresh cooked dishes are cooling there. All food can be taken warm and/or cold. Or eaten in the shop (if space available) .

A la minute we make pita Gyros, with marinated porc, chicken, beef or vegetarian filling. Delicious with tzatztiki. Also to be taken cold, to cook it yourself later. In that case: ask us for a pita “bouwpakket”!

Catering for your special events is our speciality. Prices depend on the number of persons and your personal demands. Stop by for more information or send an email to info@mitsos.nl. Are you looking for a specific dish? Don’t hesitate to ask for it. It might inspire Kiri to make it.

See you in our Greeks traiterie! Or have a look on our Facebook page for more news and photo’s.