….. from Crete, Chaniotika proïonta

…. from Creta, Chaniotika proïonta stands for carefully chosen products from the province Chania on western Crete. Honest and healthy products. Bought directly at the source. Usually small companies, often family enterprises, such as:

– Olive oil extra virgin from firm Idiosmos owned by the Papagianakis family, in Pervolakia, Kissamos, Chania.olijfolie At this moment their site is in Greek only.

The Chania region has been classified as PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) by the EU, because of its special micro climate, specially good for growing olives. The modern production proces of Idiosmos and their long standing experience guarantees olive oil of outstanding quality with a pure, fruity taste. Suitable for warm and cold applications like cooking and baking or salad dressing.
Availability: 1/2 liter bottle, 1 liter bottle and 3 liter can.

– Honey. From firm Idiosmos van de familie Papagianakis, in Pervolakia, Kissamos, Chania, we also obtain pure thyme honey. Their bees gather this fragant product in the virgin area around Pervolakia, the village where Kiriakos’ mother grew up.

– Wine. At this moment we have several wines of three exclusive wineries in our product range:  Mantré in Keramia, Dourakis in Alikampos and Pnevmatikaki in Drapanias.

Mantré is a smal, very exclusive winery in Keramia, Mournies. The grapes grow in the foothills on a height of approx. 900 m. Giving a very special aroma to the fruit. The excellent blends made by Andréas are unequalled.
Available: Kera-Mia: red, very dry, leans towards brandy; Epilogés tou Notoú: red, dry, fruity; Madaritis: white, dry, fruity, full; Tholos: blend of Kera-Mia and Syrah, available in red and rosé, dry, fruity, full

Dourakis winery is situated in Alikampos in the eastern foothills of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains). Approximately  40 km east of Chania, on the main road through the mountains towards Sfakia. Since 1988 the Dourakis family produces their wines in this area, which has a unique micro climate, with both native- and international grape varieties. In our product range we chose: Rizitis red: a blend of Merlot en Grenache rouge, dry, full and fruity (available in bottles of 750 ml and 325 ml); Rizitis white: Vilana, dry, full and fruity (available in bottles of 750 ml and 325 ml); Muscat of Spinas: white, a full, very aromatic wine pressed from the very rare Muscat of Spinas-grape; Euphoria romeiko: dessert wine pressed from sundried Romeïko grapes, sweet and full as a delicious conclusion of your dinner. The Dourakis family is glad to welcome you for a tour and/or tasting.

Pnevmatikaki winery is situated in the clean area of Drapanias, Kisamos, where the family grow their grapes. From their extensive offer we selected the following wines: Asyrtiko: white, dry, fruity; Eklektos: red, Syrah, dry, strong, fruity; Kritikopelagitis: red, a blend of three native grapes, dry, full, fruity; Vin de Chania: red, blend of Syrah and Cabernet, dry, full, fruity (only available in 325 ml bottles); Vin de Chania: white, Vilana, dry, full, fruity (only available in 325 ml bottles); Dreams: red, semi-sweet, beautiful as dessert wine. You are welcome to visit this winery if you are “in the neighbourhood” for a tour and/or tasting.

Cheese. At the tirokomio (cheesedairy) from the Papagiannakis brothers in Pervolakia we buy myzithra, gravièra, anthotiros, kapnistos (smoked cheese) and staka. This family enterprise is well known in entire Greece for these traditional Cretan cheeses.

– Pita’s, dakos and sweets are baked for us by Koundourakis bakery in Mourniès. This family enterprise is specialised in baking of tradional pita-, bread- and cakeproducts for 3 generations. This company is also well known in entire Greece for their quality.


Bioxym produces lemonade sirops already since 1956 from ripe (citrus) fruits from the Chania region. In our product range we chose lemon-, mandarin and cherry flavour.

– Samaria mineral water is won in the Levka Ori (White Mountains), where the famous Samaria gorge is situated. Botteling is done in Stilos Apokoronou, in the most modern factory in this field in Greece. Our water has been awarded the silver medal BEST BOTTLED WATER 2014 at the Berkeley Springs international water tasting.

– Xylopites is a traditional pasta from Crete. This special pasta is made with pure flour, eggs and milk from the region. Giving your pasta dish a creamier taste than “normal” pasta’s made with merely water and flour. We obtain this product from family enterprise Kritiki Ghi in Kasteli, Kisamos.